Localism is set to transform the way in which we secure planning permission.

The days of tick box consultation processes look to be behind us and we are all going to have to flick our switches from send to receive and concentrate on listening to local communities rather than telling them what we want to build.

This site is a toolkit for those wanting to know more about how localism will impact on planning. Take a look at the video wall for comments and advice from senior planning consultants, property lawyers, local councillors, journalists and from some of PPS Group’s senior team. These clips will be regularly updated as the Bill works its way into law.

And if this whets your appetite, PPS is currently giving presentations on localism to those who want to learn more. There’s no cost, just email us at localism@ppsgroup.co.uk to arrange a presentation for your team.

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PPS Group is an independent communications consultancy working in the tougher areas of communication. We offer media relations, public affairs, stakeholder engagement and consultation services to our clients.

We have two distinct areas of expertise. We build and protect reputations for businesses and other organisations and we engage with communities and politicians to gain planning consent on complex planning matters.

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